HollyWoodFramed - No delivery no response

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I ordered from Hollywood framed in early march 2012 I should have known the price was to good to be true

Several weeks later..nothing, it was for my bros Bday.Never came!!!Contacted them several times and nooooo response!!!

So they are most definitely a fraud rip off artists...

No phone number to contact them either..that should have tipped me off, however if I would have read this first I may have known..Im gonna file a better bis bureau complaint also.

I will never order from a company unknown again without researching first..I will pursue action against these frauds!Valuable lesson learned..

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HollyWoodFramed - Hollywood framed takes your money and does not deliver

Newburgh, New York 1 comment
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Placed an order with hollywood framed for a framed print and charged order through paypal.Received an e-mail merchandise was shipped.

Two weeks later I still had not received my order.I tried e-mailing hollywood framed 3 consecutives... day requesting the name of the carrier and a tracking number. i received not response. There is no phone number listed on their website-that should have been a big red flag.Pay pal is looking into the matter.

The payee on paypal is sharon thorpe - unable to locate this thief *** artist in the texas business world.

Wonder why?shame on Sharon Thorpe and Hollywoodframed.

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OMG the same things has happened to me. I hope I get my money back.

Hollywoodframed.com took my money and did not deliver

Washington, District Of Columbia 6 comments
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I purchased a framed art for a gift, and after trying twice by emails to this company about the status of my order,no one responded.When I clicked on the link they provided to check the status of my order it said " Order Status: Order Canceled.

Thank you for your payment". How on earth is this company allowed to do this to anyone and still have their company listed as a legitimate business.

They are dishonest!!!!I hope something will be done about this company because they will continue to operate fradulently.My purchase was made Dec 23, 2011.

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I made a purchase from them in August.after waiting 2 months and aggressively pursuing them, they finally delivered.

The framed print was horrible - underexposed, the frames corners were not flush, and it was encased in scratched plexiglass. Needless to say, I demanded my money back, and returned the print. Six weeks later, no credit and no response from the company after repeated attempts.

Shocking that no one has pressed charges.I am pursuing...


Same *** happened to me, no phone number and no response via email. Also filed a claim with PayPal. What a joke.


Same thing!!!Had to dispute with paypal!

M'FN AHOLE!!!! No response, no delivery, gift ruined!!!

If you do business with this fraud, you deserve what you get!!Steer clear from this F'n ***!!!!!!


The same thing happened to us.We purchased a picture on 12/07/11 and received confirmation of our purchase.

As Christmas approached, we tried several times to contact the company and we never got any response. How can these people live with themselves? We filed a complaint with Paypal and hopefully, we'll get our money back. Now we have to start all over finding the same picture and buying it from someone else.

Buyer beware!!!This company is a fraud!


Me TOO uggg so frustrating I'm calling the bank now!


Same thing for me. It was a Christmas present for a son out of town and I found out he hadn't gotten it yet so I looked at status and Canceled but the took my money and haven't refunded it and no phone number.

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HollyWoodFramed - Item Not Delivered - ruined Christmas! :(

Dallas, Texas 4 comments
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I am at a complete loss as to how this company conducts business.I ordered 1 framed print that was never delivered.

I have attempted to contact the company 6 times via e-mail and numerous times by phone. I haven't gotten any kind of response. I opened a dispute with paypal in hopes of getting my money back. However, hollywoodframed hasn't responsded to them either.

This is supposed to be a gift for my mother for Christmas. I ordered it on December 2nd, which is plenty of time to arrive before the holidays. Hollywoodframed's inability to respond to me in a moderate length of time has basically "ruined" my gift for my mother. This was a sentimental piece of art that she adored as a child.

They have left me with 2 days to find a replacement gift. (which will not mean anything to her in the long run).

My order number is 178898550.Still waiting for a response!!!

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Same issue for me.No delivery, no reply to my e-mails.

PayPal ultimately refunded my money.

Really unethical owners.The BBB needs to touch base with these guys.


I'm not sure who else to complain to, but definitely get help from PayPal. They got my money returned in about 10 days!!


I opened a dispute through my pay-pal account and I am waiting to hear back from their investigation.My next step will be through my credit card company.

I would like to file a complaint with the BBB, but I am waiting on pay-pal first.Please post more info if you get any and I will do the same.


I'm having the same issue.I ordered a print 12/12 and received an email that it was shipped 12/17, but haven't received anything in the mail or even a response from them (I emailed).

VERY DISAPPOINTED!Who do we file complaints with?

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HollyWoodFramed - No delivery

New York, New York 3 comments
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Update by user Oct 30, 2011

finally i received a package on oct.3/11 but it was not what i ordered.i think this was deliberate because i also reported them to better business bureau & consumer affairs.i decided not to pursue the matter any further because of the loss of time & money in doing a return.

thank you for your help.saw the posting you placed next to their web site (you guys are the best) thanks again Michael Hoo.

Original review posted by user Sep 29, 2011

placed an order paid in full for 3 framed prints received only 2 tried repeatedly to contact company but no reply.8 emails -phone calls -by mail it has been over a month since aug. 17/11.it is not the money but a matter of principle i paid for the item please deliver it ! i do not like being screwed !the company is on line -www.hollywoodframed.com their email is hwframed@gmail.com address 2500 capaizo drive cedar park texas 78613 phone no.512 585-7487 order no.177227959 item no.aap-cn02 framed print-antonio canova 20x24

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this company is ***!they delivered a low low quality product that i sent back...

still have not gotten a refund!

Stay Stay away!!from Hollywood framed.com!!!!!


Also was ripped off by this web site.No delivery, no responses to e-mails, etc.

Ultimately, PayPal refunded my money, but the web site says they still accept PayPal (I hope they reads these pasts).Beware.


No calls or delivery after payment.

Only use this company only if you do not mind being robbed.

They are NOT legitimate.Jason

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